My Editing Policy

What editing services do I provide?
  • light, medium, and heavy copy-editing
  • line by line or substantive editing 
  • developmental editing
  • beta reading
  • other services upon request
How much do I charge?

I ask clients to send me a piece of their writing. This way I can judge the required level of editing, how long it is going to take, and ultimately how much to charge.

I also ask that clients send me their proposed budget (aka how much they are willing to spend.) 

Generally, editing an entire novel costs between $250-400, depending on the required level of editing and length of the novel. 

Other things to know?

I ask for a deposit up front (usually 25%). Generally for novels, I ask for $50 upfront. Then when I have finished my edits, I ask for the remaining funds. 

How long will it take to complete my edits?

I generally like to have all projects wrapped-up within a month. Generally, a medium copy-edit for an average length novel will take two-three weeks.

What WON'T I edit?

To be fair to both you and me, I will not edit books in these genres:
  • LGBT Romance (if there are characters who are LGBT, that's not a problem. When it becomes the focus of the story, it is.)
  • Erotic fiction/steamy romance
To get an idea for what books I will edit, go to my reading blog (which is now inactive) to see what books I have reviewed.   

You have questions?

Go ahead and email me at danicapage.writer (at)gmail(dot)com with any questions you have.