Testimonials/Evaluations of My Services

Testimonials/Evaluations of My Services

"I truly enjoyed working with Danica. She gave me such great insight into my story and actively worked hard to give me honest feedback. Her edits are much more than grammatical errors. She was very helpful when it came to story flow and development; she even helped me brainstorm when I got stuck. I would highly recommend Danica as she is very thorough and prompt with her edits. You'll not find a better editor than Danica. I look forward to working with her again very soon!" ~Kelly, author of Unearthing Excalibur

"Danica is one of my many writers and contributors I work with for book reviews for the Deseret News. She has consistently turned in clean copy, met deadlines and included all the necessary elements of the article. She goes beyond formulaic writing while appropriately reflecting the content and her opinions for the review. Additionally, Danica has always been very responsive to any follow-up questions, edits and other feedback during the editing process.

I know when I send her a book to be reviewed, it will be a thorough review and nicely done." ~Christine Rappleye, Associate Editor for the Deseret News 

"Collaborating with Danica proved to be a great choice and experience that I highly recommend. Danica helped me craft not only a more sound, but a better book as well. Danica's skill set enables her to match the writer's voice and language--a great bonus for writers. Besides brushing up grammar and punctuation, Danica is very helpful with word choice and sentence structure, thus providing the writer with more creative options and a better presentation." ~ Phil Rossi, writer of Soldier Hill and Jimmy Baseball

"Professional, prompt, and insightful, Danica proved invaluable to me in editing and focusing my story. She highlighted problems and raised concerns with utmost respect for the work. Her comments and advice have improved this project and I know will continue to impact (and raise the quality) of my other manuscripts. I highly recommend her and can't wait to work with her again." ~Rachelle Dio, author of Anchored in the Bay 

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